June 6, 2019


As a child, winning an award was a crowning achievement. First place in a dance competition or a soccer tournament meant adding another sparkling trophy to the shelf. Victory was a pretty sweet feeling, right?

Recently, we were fortunate enough to feel a similar sense of pride: Turchette was recognized with eight wins at the NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards annual dinner, including our first-ever “Best of Magazine” award. In this statewide competition, more than 600 entries were submitted from 70 agencies. To quote the great philosopher Ron Burgundy, it’s kind of a big deal.

But while the pristine trophies brighten up our office, it’s what they stand for that is more impactful. The awards recognize our success in translating the intangible – thoughts, ideas and creative strategies – into tangible results for our clients, whose work spans the financial, packaging, HVAC and other niche industries.

It’s comparably easy to weigh the merits of a product or measure brand loyalty – think iPhone vs. Android, Verizon vs. AT&T, Coke vs. Pepsi. But critiquing ideas is more challenging and harder to substantiate. This isn’t Cars & Drivers Automobile of the Year. We’re in the business of selling concepts, feelings, mindsets. We are in the job of convincing.

And in taking home eight trophies this year, we hope to convince clients both current and future of one thing: If we can sell our ideas effectively to discerning judges, we can also sell yours to discerning customers.

The awards showcase our ability to translate our clients’ often complex products and services into graspable, memorable marketing initiatives. Our magazine advertisements, videos, and digital media campaigns in both the trade and consumer spheres have garnered recognition from a prestigious organization; this says a lot more than we ever could.

So, while we haven’t mastered the art of tying a bow on an idea (yet), the awards embody abstract concepts meeting real-world solutions. The same team that can skillfully sell its efforts for an award nomination can sell editors on your stories and potential customers on your products and services.

Oh – and they look really nice in our conference room, too!


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