November 12, 2020


Given the current landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, generating sales leads and having quality conversations with your target audience is more difficult than ever before.

With social distancing guidelines, travel bans, and trade show cancellations/postponements, webinars have been a go-to solution for marketers. Many consider them to be an efficient and cost-effective tool to reach target audiences, collect sales information, and generate leads. But, while useful, many webinar attendees are growing fatigued. Receiving between 10 and 20 webinar invitations daily is leading to webinar overload!

Here are Turchette’s 4 tips for navigating around webinar fatigue to reach your audience:

1. Reimagine your media mix

Global media outlets offer various lead-generating opportunities from e-newsletters to e-blasts, whitepapers, and video options – mix it up and try a variety of options to gauge what works the best for your content. You may be surprised which deliverables resonate most with your target audience.

2. Use your website to capture sales leads

Do you have a white paper, video, case study or webinar that you could use to capture sales leads? These assets can be “gated” allowing you to collect contact information from the web visitor in exchange for access to your content. Don’t have these assets? We can help you create them!

3. Rethink your sales tools with video

Video can be an excellent complement to your webinar strategy. Take the time to plan out and produce a visually-engaging, content-rich video to help generate conversations with your prospects. Highlight a new technology, create a virtual facility tour, interview a member of your team, launch a new product or service – anything that can grab and hold a visitor’s attention.

4. Develop more engaging content

Whether you are developing content for your next webinar, video, or sales presentation, make sure it is created in an engaging manner and with your target audience in mind. The current “fatigue factor” does not mean that people are ignoring ALL webinars, just that they are being more selective about which ones they need to attend – therefore, make it your goal to stand out.

For more information on how Turchette’s team of award-winning marketing professionals can help you break through to a targeted audience, reach out today!