February 21, 2017


Many clients express high interest in conducting a webinar, but are somewhat intimidated by the process. They share concerns that they may not have the expertise or technical knowhow — and some worry about potentially prohibitive costs.

The good news is that webinars can be both resoundingly informative and, considering cost-benefit ratio, relatively inexpensive. In fact, the Turchette team can offer you webinar assistance as a turnkey solution, simplifying the process for you by negotiating all necessary details as part of a comprehensive media buy.

When included as part of your digital marketing plan, and executed with the right professional assistance, webinars rank among the most effective lead-generating strategies.


Because when your webinar is part of a broad digital marketing plan, you can get:

  • a moderator for your event
  • leading subscriber databases that ensure quality registrations, and provide you with full contact and demographic information of attendees
  • multiple, dedicated promotional e-blasts leading up to the event
  • ads on branded websites
  • e-newsletters and social media announcements
  • new marketing automation integration
  • the chance to build upon your specific content by offering continuing education units (CEUs) to attendees, which tends to draw more people and keep them engaged longer
  • polling, Q&A’s and exit surveys to gather attendee feedback
  • archiving of your webinar for one year on-demand access for continued exposure and lead generation

Some pointers to keep in mind when planning your webinar:

  • Create a “teaser title” that will make your attendees hungry to learn more.
  • Case studies work!
    • Attendees enjoy learning about programs, products and strategies that have helped others address key industry problems and challenges.
  • Timing is important
    • Try to identify the optimal times of day, and days of the week, in which to capture your most desirable audience.
  • How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
    • Practice, practice, practice. Rehearse your presentation in front of others and ask for feedback.
  • After the webinar
    • Don’t forget to promote its on-demand availability and to repurpose your content for promotion on your website and social media, and through emails and blog posts.


Webinars provide a targeted, impactful megaphone to showcase your industry expertise and business value to a potentially global audience, for whom the entire educational experience is completely free. To learn more about incorporating turnkey webinars into a comprehensive media plan, contact Turchette at 973-227-8080.