August 15, 2019


Are you passionate about your pets?

Turchette employees love animals! So, this summer we decided to collect pet supplies in support of 11th Hour Rescue, an animal shelter in northern NJ. Employees from Turchette and the Polish Slavic Credit Union (next door), generously donated food, bowls, toys, treats, collars, beds, blankets, towels, kitty litter, shampoo, cones… and all kinds of much-needed supplies. Turchette staff also replaced our fridge magnets with pet pics. Apparently most of our employees are (or were) dog owners, a few have cats, and one agency jokester put up a photo of an anteater on a leash!  LOL. We love seeing our pets on the fridge every time we open it, so they’ll probably stay there for a while.

The mission of this NJ-based volunteer organization is to rescue dogs and cats at their “eleventh hour” – when they are scheduled to be put to death by shelters that can no longer care for them.  These animals are given a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life! If you’re interested in adoption, you can visit www.ehrdogs.org to view the cute animals currently in their shelter.  They also have four adoptions centers in NJ in the Roxbury Mall, Rockaway Townsquare Mall, Kearney PetSmart & Roxbury Weekend Adoption Center.

Small gestures from big hearts.  #TurchetteCares