Public Relations: Cutting Through the Clutter

To gain traction with increasingly busy journalists, building solid professional relationships is more important than ever. By Chris Dale Among our many marketing roles at Turchette is maximizing our clients’ investment at a wide range [...]

Digital Remarketing: Awesome Cookies

Remarketing should be an important part of any brands’ digital marketing strategies. People who have already visited your website, obviously have an interest in your product or service. These prospects are often called “low-hanging fruit” – meaning ripe [...]

2015: The Year of “Mobile”

Have you checked your Google Analytics lately? Do you know how many website visitors are coming from mobile devices and tablets? Just click on Audience, Mobile and Overview to access a breakdown of your total site [...]

PUBLICITY PROS: Turchette’s Public Relations Approach

For over 60 years, Turchette has managed public relations efforts for companies in a broad spectrum of industries. Pharmaceutical & cosmetics packaging companies, niche-market manufacturing machinery, financial institutions, insurance carriers, healthcare, mortgage companies, credit unions, [...]

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