Norwalt, a leading innovator in the manufacturing industry, was looking to enhance its brand presence, capture video of key machines, and effectively communicate its corporate values. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, Norwalt joined forces with the experienced team at Turchette to develop a comprehensive series of machine, corporate, and career videos.

Norwalt, specializing in cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, sought to revamp its communication strategy to connect with a broader audience. Understanding the need for a visually compelling narrative, Norwalt engaged with Turchette, a creative powerhouse with a track record of delivering impactful video solutions to:

– Develop a series of machine, corporate, and career videos to showcase Norwalt’s capabilities, values, and workplace culture.

– Increase brand awareness and market positioning through engaging visual content.

– Utilize the videos for sales presentations to enhance product understanding and foster client relationships.

Turchette began by conducting in-depth research into Norwalt’s brand identity, target audience, and industry positioning. Collaborative workshops and meetings with key stakeholders helped define the core messages and themes for the video series. The agency then crafted a strategic plan that included shot list development, storyboarding, and pre-production planning.

The production process video involved capturing the intricacies of Norwalt’s manufacturing processes, which highlighted the company’s dedication to quality and innovation. Corporate videos focused on visually illustrating the company’s values, mission, and commitment to innovation. The career video showcased Norwalt’s workplace culture and opportunities for professional growth within their expanding industry.

Turchette’s team of experts employed cutting-edge video production techniques to bring Norwalt’s machines to life, capturing the essence of its brand. Post-production involved meticulous editing, the incorporation of graphics, and optimization of all videos.


The collaboration resulted in over 20 high-quality videos, each tailored to resonate with specific target audiences. The Turchette team ensured the final product not only met Norwalt’s objectives but exceeded industry standards for visual storytelling.

Additionally, the video program had a profound impact on Norwalt’s brand presence and market perception:

– Increased Brand Awareness: The visually engaging videos garnered attention from Norwalt’s target audience, significantly elevating Norwalt’s brand visibility.

– Sales Presentation Enhancement: Norwalt’s sales team reported a notable improvement in engagement and understanding among potential clients. The videos became a valuable tool in sales presentations, providing a dynamic and immersive showcase of the company’s offerings.

– Positive Impact on Recruitment: The career videos contributed to a positive employer brand image, showcasing Norwalt as an employer of choice in the industry, allowing them to attract high-quality talent.

The collaboration between Norwalt and Turchette exemplifies the power of strategic video content to achieve corporate objectives. The video series not only transformed Norwalt’s external perception but also became an integral part of the company’s communication strategy. Through a creative and collaborative approach, Norwalt and Turchette demonstrated the ability to leverage visual storytelling for business success.