press mentions
increase in website traffic

In 2018, LLFlex, a Louisville, KY-based global leader in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions hired Turchette to establish the LLFlex brand across a range of b2b markets: Consumer packaging, building & construction, and wire & cable.

Turchette started with the foundational elements needed to create a presence for LLFlex in the marketplace, including a new logo, website, business cards, stationary, and sales collateral. Once the brand was set in place, then the Turchette team began producing outbound marketing pieces such as PowerPoint decks, corporate videos, technical product renderings, and trade show graphics. Award-winning custom sample boxes were designed and executed by Turchette so that LLFlex customers had professional material samples in hand.

Turchette continued to broaden the LLFlex marketing footprint by launching award-winning digital and print advertising campaigns for the three different industry sements. Simultaneously, public relations efforts were underway encompassing press releases, trade interviews, technical white papers and bylined articles in key media outlets.


  • 100+ press mentions
  • 30% increase in website traffic

  • Increased market penetration

  • Expansion via new manufacturing facility

  • Acquisition of several aligned businesses
  • Multiple awards for creative marketing excellence

  • 4 million+ ad impressions within 3 months

  • 3x the national average click-through rate

  • $1 billion dollar acquisition goal met