HexcelPack, a leading sustainable packaging solutions provider, sought to both enhance its digital presence, and engage with a broader audience, through their LinkedIn account. Recognizing the importance of a strategic organic social media program, HexcelPack partnered with Turchette to elevate its brand visibility and drive meaningful engagement.

HexcelPack faced the challenge of establishing a robust social media presence within a highly competitive industry. The company aimed to increase its follower base, drive traffic to the corporate website and create online brand advocates.

Turchette, known for its innovative and data-driven approach, crafted a comprehensive organic social media program tailored to HexcelPack’s goals. The strategy included:

– Content Optimization: Turchette conducted a thorough analysis of HexcelPack’s target audience and industry trends to create engaging and relevant content. This included informative posts about sustainable packaging, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the company, and custom- generated content.

– Consistent Branding: Turchette ensured a consistent and visually appealing brand presence across all posts. This included optimizing profile images and cover photos, as well as the creation and maintenance of a posting schedule to ensure a regular cadence of content.

– Analytics and Monitoring: Turchette monitored the performance of each post and campaign. This data-driven approach allowed for content adjustments that maximized the impact of HexcelPack’s social media efforts.


The collaborative efforts between HexcelPack and Turchette yielded outstanding results within a three-month period:

– Website Page Views: 20,000, showcasing a substantial increase in online visibility.

– Website Unique Visitors: 8,500, indicating a growing interest in HexcelPack’s content and offerings.

– Social Post Clicks: 3,500, reflecting a high level of engagement and interest from the audience.

– LinkedIn Followers: Increased from 140 to 3,000+, representing an extraordinary 2,000%+ growth in the follower base.

The collaboration between HexcelPack and Turchette resulted in a remarkable transformation of the company’s LinkedIn presence. The substantial increase in page views, unique visitors, clicks, and followers underscores the success of the organic social media program. HexcelPack is now well-positioned to continue its growth and influence within the sustainable packaging industry.

– Strategic Approach: Turchette’s strategic approach played a pivotal role in achieving HexcelPack’s social media objectives.

– Content Relevance: The creation of compelling and relevant content proved to resonate with its target audience, as well as establish HexcelPack as a thought leader in the sustainable packaging industry.

– Consistent Branding: A unified and visually appealing brand presence contributed to increased brand recognition and trust.