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Genworth, a leading provider of long-term care insurance, retained Turchette to launch CareScout® Caregiver Support Services, a new employee benefit designed to help working caregivers find the right care for their aging loved ones and to help employers attract and retain talent, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Our media team crafted a fully integrated marketing plan targeting high-level HR professionals and benefits brokers. Once the strategy was in place, our creative team developed numerous b2b deliverables (print and digital ads, custom eblasts, videos, collateral, webinars, white papers, landing pages, etc.) and another set of b2c materials to help employers onboard their staff. In addition, our PR team secured feature stories, bylined articles and podcast interviews in key b2b and b2c media outlets to help position CareScout executives as thought leaders in the caregiving industry.

To further leverage its nationwide network of licensed healthcare professionals, CareScout tasked Turchette with launching another robust advertising campaign, this time offering Clinical Assessments Services to various healthcare and insurance providers, such as payers, hospitals and medical groups. Through a series of executive Q&As, virtual roundtables, video viewpoints, sponsored content and tradeshow materials, Turchette helped establish CareScout’s leadership team as clinical assessment experts and increased brand awareness within several market segments.

In addition, Genworth Insurance Companies tapped into our team for Genworth Direct corporate identity guidelines, long-term care insurance TV spots and both PR and media strategy.


Over the past three years, Turchette has delivered award-winning creative, thousands of sales leads, extensive press coverage and significant website traffic which dramatically increased brand awareness and set the stage for future initiatives. Turchette created, complied and deployed over 250+ marketing deliverables, including numerous online materials with UTM tracking codes. This enabled us to monitor the performance of each campaign element and tweak our creative/media strategy on an ongoing basis.

  • 8K+ sales leads

  • 178K+ website visitors

  • 20 awards for PR and creative

  • 250+ marketing deliverables

  • 32 PR placements

  • 19 executive podcast interviews

  • 272K+ LinkedIn video views

  • 470K+ LinkedIn impressions

  • 400% YoY increase in website users & pageviews

  • 1000+ leads generated via email
  • 100,000+ impressions via search campaigns

  • 6,000+ clicks to website