Turchette provides an unparalleled level of service and support in the arena of media analysis, planning, negotiating and buying. Whether it’s a global print campaign, a local billboard program, Google AdWords or a tightly focused e-based marketing campaign, our media efforts result in maximum visibility and the highest-possible ROI for our clients.


Any agency can place ad space. Turchette builds brands. We bring to the table new ideas and proven programs, customized to your specific goals. We take pride in providing our clients with an unparalleled level of service and support in the arena of media analysis, planning, negotiating and buying.

Our Assistant Vice President/Media Director, Rhona Siciliano, with over 20 years of experience, provides our diverse roster of clients with outstanding value in global, national and local media outlets. Rhona is also a Google AdWords Certified Professional, having completed extensive training and passed multiple exams which attest to her online buying expertise.

Our Media Department leverages our industry expertise, relationships, and unique buying strategies to deliver results across all platforms – from magazine, newspaper, and broadcast to interactive, outdoor and transit. Our media expertise also includes intimate knowledge of the unique economic and ethnic demographics that comprise our clients’ targeted industries.

Reactive and relevant

Our proactive mindset also yields reactive results. Often, Turchette is approached by media outlets with valuable opportunities including premium positioning, value-added components, steep discounts and complementary digital media placements. Additionally, because Turchette works as a tight-knit team, we closely coordinate all media planning with our public relations department. This cooperation allows for the leveraging of an upcoming media buy to help facilitate coverage for a planned public relations item.

Proactive and proven

We are both proactive and innovative in our media approach. We have negotiated special lead-generating programs, customized e-newsletters, targeted banner ads and avant-garde unit sizes/shapes, custom research studies, and more. Again, we go above and beyond to bring unique media solutions to our clients rather than simply placing orders and delivering creative.

Media strategy

No matter the medium, our plans are never created in a vacuum. They are distilled from careful consideration of the overarching marketing strategy, the creative platform, the geographic targets, the core demographic, and the nature of the particular product/offer. Because we collaborate closely with the account management team and our clients’ marketing departments, these factors and more are collectively viewed through the lens of one main objective: maximizing clients’ exposure while minimizing overall costs in order to enhance their brand exposure.


Successful media buying is about who you know – and we know them all. Our long-standing relationships with numerous print and digital media representatives pay dividends both during the negotiation phase and after campaigns have been launched.

Free 30-minute media consultation

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