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With the increasing reliance on mobile web browsing, the value of a responsive company website – in conjunction with social media, interactive marketing and pay-per-click programs – cannot be overstated. Not only does your company need to have a robust, responsive and user-friendly site, it needs to be carefully optimized via SEO to ensure maximum visibility.

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Anywhere, Anytime Digital Marketing

Today’s interactive marketing goes way beyond digital ads and website design. It is about finding the right media channels, engaging specific audiences and creating highly-relevant messages that yield positive brand experiences. In an online environment that’s constantly changing, that’s no small task.

We help our clients craft smart digital marketing strategies that work hand-in-hand with their traditional advertising and PR programs to build brand equity, improve brand visibility and spur lead generation. Whatever your digital marketing goals – to increase website traffic, bolster search engine rankings, increase customer retention or acquisition, create a social media strategy, etc. – Turchette can help you achieve them.

Based on our clients’ specific short- and long-term marketing and sales goals, we create fully integrated marketing communications programs, including a carefully-chosen mix of digital marketing tactics. The success of your interactive marketing efforts correlates directly to the proper strategy, methodology, synergy, budget allocation and execution.

Interactive Marketing

Turchette is a full-service marketing solutions provider that takes a holistic approach to helping our clients grow their businesses. In addition to advertising, branding, media and public relations, we offer a whole host of interactive marketing and value-added services, such as:

  • Media and creative services to develop highly-targeted, lead-generating digital advertising campaigns and e-marketing solutions (e-newsletters, Google AdWords, mobile geo-fencing, website re-messaging programs, etc.)
  • Targeted social media marketing campaigns to build awareness and to increase audience engagement
  • Responsive website design/development (with a user-friendly content management system coupled with SEO best practices)
  • Copywriting, keyword research and content management services to keep website copy/content fresh and boost search engine rankings
  • Google Analytics evaluation to track website referral sources, visitor engagement levels and content flow
  • Search engine optimization/management programs to enhance your organic and paid search results
  • Video production services (corporate videos, interviews, webinars, etc.) to engage/educate website visitors, improve organic search rankings and attract social media viewers
  • Online metrics/reporting to track digital advertising efforts


Turchette’s media team is adept at creating highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns which engage specific audiences based on selective demographics, geography and online interests/behaviors. Our Media Director is a Google AdWords Certified Professional, having completed extensive training and passed multiple exams which attest to her online media buying expertise.

Using both online and offline data, we can follow specific internet users based on their previous online behavior (terms searched and sites visited) and serve up digital ads on various websites which will most likely appeal to your prospective customers. This digital marketing strategy is a cost-effective means to reach specific targets with highly relevant messaging/offers.


One way to boost website traffic and amplify your social media efforts is to create short, shareable videos about your company, products and/or services. Videos are a softer sell and a more personal means of communicating with your customers and prospects. Adding video content to your website, e-newsletters, e-blasts, social media platforms, press materials and blogs can also significantly improve your search engine rankings. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages.

If online videos are not currently a part of your overall marketing plan, the Turchette interactive team can help. From storyboarding and scripting to audio/video editing and production, our professional staff can manage the entire process and will ensure that the video(s) are high quality and well-aligned with your brand and current communication strategy.



From website design/development, search engine optimization/management and lead-generating online opportunities to digital advertising, social media campaigns and e-marketing solutions, Turchette offers a variety of interactive marketing services – all of which complement your existing marketing efforts.

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