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Turchette Named Agency of Record for United Roosevelt Savings Bank

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Turchette has recently been retained by URSB, United Roosevelt Savings Bank, to handle all advertising, marketing and public relations.  Within the first month, the URSB logo has already been refreshed, PR is well underway and a long list of marketing initiatives are in the planning/development stage.  United Roosevelt Savings Bank is Carteret’s only hometown-based bank which serves the personal banking needs of customers throughout Central New Jersey.

Turchette Receives Two Service Industry Advertising Awards for Outstanding Website Design/Development

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This week Turchette received two Service Industry Advertising Awards for Web Design/Development – a Silver Award for Paragon Solutions ( and a Merit Award for Armistead Mechanical (

Over 1,600 entries were submitted by more than 525 advertising agencies and 730 institutions in the 15th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards competition.  A national panel of judges reviewed every entry for execution, creativity, quality, consumer appeal and overall breakthrough advertising content.  The judges evaluated entries in eight groups and twenty-six categories. The judges awarded 136 Gold Awards, 86 Silver Awards and 60 Bronze Awards as well as 76 Merit Awards — 358 in total.






Far More than Press Releases: Our Public Relations Strategy Cycle

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For over 65 years, our agency has represented companies in a broad spectrum of b2b and b2c industries. Each company we represent has its own unique products, services and audiences to consider toward the goal of gaining media exposure.

But despite varying client products, services, audiences and goals, a turnkey mantra prevails: a proven, four-step PR methodology that – when combined with tried and true communications expertise and creativity – serves to eliminate guesswork, clearly define goals, and succinctly communicate the most important messages to their respective audiences.

With that, here’s a brief look at our public relations methodology:

Step 1: Analysis. At the inception of any public relations campaign, an honest and thorough assessment must be made of exactly what the product or service is, what it offers, who its primary and secondary audiences are and, most importantly, what makes it different from its competitors.

Is your widget the newest, fastest or most efficient? Is it a brand-new, sought-after invention that others have been trying to develop, but that you figured out first? A thoughtful and complete examination of what sets your product apart serves as the foundation upon which a solid PR campaign can be built.

Editors receive dozens of press releases, pitch letters, phone calls and e-newsletters each day. Amidst all the clutter, your differentiators help achieve a PR writer’s top goal: keep the reader reading.

Step #2: Planning. Now that we have our differentiators and a deep understanding of the client’s products and services, what are we going to do with it? We need to create a game plan.

A common misconception about PR professionals is that we sit around writing press releases all day. That’s not the case. Releases are a vital component in launching any new product or service, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous PR tools (pitch letters, photo captions, e-newsletters, bylined articles, case studies, feature stories, executive interviews, etc.) which usually stem from the information in the release.

Once we have the ammunition – in the form of pre-approved verbiage, executive insight and high-resolution photos – we can approach editors with varying needs from varying angles. Here, editorial calendars and outlet familiarity help PR professionals treat each publication individually; and in practice, the first-name relationships that we build with editors keep us and our clients top-of-mind. Like any solid business relationship, editors pay more attention to PR professionals with a history of providing information that is enticing to them and relevant to their readers.

Step #3: Creation. Materials creation – and the creativity the process demands – is the most subjective of the four steps. We know the messages, we’ve identified the tools. Now it’s time to do those steps justice by developing publicity materials that honor the diligence and foresight of our analysis and planning efforts.

PR writing can be a traditional inverted pyramid of facts… or it can engage readers through succinct, crisp language, starting a discussion that paves the way for meaningful editorial coverage. Photos can “look pretty good,” or they can be dynamic, exciting, and suitable for the needs of a wide swath of media outlets. Pitch letters can be solely composed of a product’s merits… or can take into consideration the wants and needs of a PR professional’s most important audience: editors, who serve as the conduit to our clients’ audiences.

Step #4: Distribution. The value of a complete, relevant and updated media list cannot be overstated. The foundation of the Distribution step is a client-specific – even product-specific – editorial list that has been extensively researched and continuously vetted. The work put into developing the best possible editorial list is key to taking full advantage of one of public relations’ most alluring attributes: PR isn’t pay for play.

Public relations is the yin to advertising’s yang – both are important counterbalancing components in a full-fledged marketing campaign. The media space that advertising occupies is sold; the editorial space that public relations seeks to occupy is not for sale. Money put toward advertising buys a defined, pre-determined amount of exposure; money put toward a public relations retainer fee does not include definite exposure or complete message control, but has one huge upside: PR has no ceiling.

A press release might be covered in five outlets… or it might be covered in 50. Two factors determine this outcome. They are, in order, strength of message and strength of editorial distribution practices.

The best media lists have not only the right publications, but also the right contacts (editors) at those publications. These lists are utilized not only via distribution en masse, but through one-on-one pitch letters and conversations that build new relationships and bolster existing ones. In all cases the list is a living, evolving entity that becomes the lifeblood of a communications campaign.

For decades, Turchette’s team of communications professionals has generated award-winning publicity for clients on the local, national and global stages. We utilize the potent “force multiplier” of public relations as a key pillar in any integrated marketing campaign. For more information on how a well-rounded public relations campaign can impact your business, give us a call at (973) 227-8080.

Leading Furniture Manufacturer Taps into Turchette for Web Design & Development

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Toledo Furniture, a leading provider of configured furniture solutions for the education, library, office and industrial market places, has recently hired Turchette’s interactive team to design and develop a new user-friendly website. Based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Toledo Furniture’s standard furniture components can be customized based on size, shape, materials, colors and finishes, accessories and utilities.

Q4 Marketing Plans

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With 2017 rapidly dissolving into its final quarter, now is the time for companies to look back on their marketing efforts with a critical eye on results.

• Did your brand stand out from the competition in 2017?
• Is your website optimized to generate leads?
• Did your trade media cover your company’s news?
• Are your salespeople armed with the smartest digital tools?

If you’d like to see some fresh thinking, a few new perspectives and perhaps a more comprehensive strategy for your brand in 2018, then call us today for a FREE 30-minute Consultation with our team. It doesn’t take a genius to find today’s best brand marketing, advertising and PR firm. Give us a call at 973-227-8080 and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Turchette Earns Third Advertising Award in 2017 for Fujitsu General America

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Are you “Competing with the Wrong Tools?” According to a recent readership study conducted by Harvey Ad-Q for Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Turchette’s trade print (golf) ad for Fujitsu General America was among the top performers for reader recall in the May issue.  A similar (soccer) ad concept for Fujitsu also won two b2b readership awards earlier in the year. Both ads (below) featured page-stopping visuals and are alternating throughout the year in 18 HVAC publications.  A digital campaign is also running in similar media outlets. 

In addition, Turchette earned a Jersey Award from the NJ Ad Club for its three-part Fujitsu b2b trade print advertising campaign in 2016.


Accurate Neuromonitoring Retains Turchette as Agency of Record

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Accurate Neuromonitoring, a NJ-based Joint Commission-accredited organization specializing in neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring, has recently hired Turchette as their Agency of Record.  After refreshing their corporate identity, creating a new corporate brochure and designing new tradeshow graphics, Accurate Neuromonitoring has decided to partner with Turchette on all marketing, advertising and PR initiatives to help boost their brand visibility.

Accurate Neuromonitoring provides intraoperative neuromonitoring services to over 100 hospitals and ambulatory service centers in seven states, including NJ, NY, GA, FL, NC, SC and AL.


Turchette Creates New Website for Campus Cruiser

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The interactive team at Turchette recently created a new website for Campus Cruiser, a cloud-based solutions provider for higher education institutions.  The website focuses on their new STRATA family of portal products which provide smart and simple solutions that help college students cruise through campus life.  Campus Cruiser is a NJ-based firm that was founded in 1955.  Feel free to check out their new site at

Turchette Retained by Western Canada’s Largest Label Printer & Manufacturer

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Turchette has been retained for public relations and e-content generation efforts on behalf of Jet Label & Packaging Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta.  Jet Label is Western Canada’s largest producer of labels and printed tape for a broad range of industries including food, consumer packaged goods and industrial applications. Among other duties, Turchette will gain exposure for the company’s recent growth initiatives, as well as assist with website content enrichment.

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