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HubSpot vs. WordPress

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When creating a new website, blog or inbound marketing program, many people immediately turn to WordPress. The software is free, it is extremely popular and can be customized inexpensively.  However, businesses that are serious about creating a truly well-rounded digital marketing platform for lead generation may want to consider HubSpot.  As with most things, the system you chose depends on your overall marketing objectives and budget.

WordPress is s a free website and blogging platform that allows you to get a website up and running with minimal investment.  According to WordPress, it is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market and accounts for 28% of all websites on the internet.  It is the largest self-blogging tool in the world and over 60 million people have used it to power their online home.  It is a user-friendly, open source software supported by thousands of web developers with custom plugins, themes, and tools that can help you accomplish your inbound marketing goals.

HubSpot offers a wide array of products for marketing, sales and customer relationship management.  The platform is described as a content optimization system (COS), best known for its inbound marketing software for businesses.  HubSpot Marketing is a robust, all-in-one solution that allows you to build landing pages, create SEO-friendly blog posts, launch email marketing campaigns, track analytics and more – all from a single dashboard.  Since 2005, HubSpot boasts 30,000+ customers in 90 countries and 3400+ agency partners.  HubSpot offers CRM and sales software for free, but their marketing software (basic version) costs $200/month and their website builder “add-on” starts at $100/month. Read More


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Direct Mail is Giving Email Marketing a Run for its Money

We’ve all heard that print is dead. But it isn’t — and we urge our clients to retain direct mail as a vital part of their marketing mix. Although email marketing is a cost-effective means of maximizing your marketing reach, the truth is, your emails may not make it past various spam filters. In fact, according to a study done by ReturnPath, only around 79% of permission-based messages sent by genuine marketers are actually delivered to inboxes.

Here are five reasons you should include direct mail as part of your marketing mix:

  1. Free creative reignDirect mail can be produced in all shapes and sizes, affording you the ability to unleash your creativity. Old, junk mail marketing no longer has a place at the table–and we mean that literally. Whether it’s an augmented mailer, a foldable piece, a jig-saw puzzle, a box within a box or a clever gift…you’re not constrained to a set email platform. Rather, you have the opportunity to put a gorgeous, eye-catching, show-stopper on your customers’ desks, kitchen counters, side tables – wherever they collect their mail.
  2. Targeted Mailings Cut through the ClutterWhile it’s super-easy to hit the delete button on an email, it’s not so easy for customers to discard a piece of mail that looks tailor-made for them. Spend time on the development of buyer personas, so your headlines and calls-to-action target the content of your mailings to different customer segments. It’s a good idea to ditch the practice of purchased lists, mass mailings, and weak calls-to-action, and capitalize instead on the newer technologies that allow you to more narrowly segment your audience. The combination of hyper-targeted messages in a visually pleasing format has been shown to yield handsome results.
  3.  DisruptionAh… the concept of disruption that we keep hearing so much about. It’s all about catching your audience’s attention, and using creativity to awaken their senses and make them curious enough to take things a step further — to drive them to action. We suggest keeping your call-to-action bold, simple and clear. Consider using bright colors, limited copy and unique artwork to help your mail stand out and boost your brand’s power.
  4. Time-SaverTrying to create accurate mailing lists can feel like falling down a rabbit-hole. With direct mail, you can use a reputable mailing house to quickly address and deliver your masterpieces, and do away with the incredibly time-consuming and thankless task of trying to create the perfect email list — only to have countless messages bounce back as “undeliverable.”
  5. Staying PowerYour direct mail masterpieces have staying power in that they tend to literally stay around for a period of time – oftentimes shuffling from the office or home front desk to the meeting room or kitchen table — multiplying their chance of being seen by multiple people over a longer time period. Emails, on the other hand, tend to be shoved further down inboxes or immediately deleted.

In today’s highly-digitized world there is a clear place for a partnership between direct mail and email marketing.  Companies need to strategically and thoughtfully assess their goals — and choose a variety of vehicles to create the mix that will help boost their brands’ visibility and profitability.  To learn more about incorporating direct mail into your current marketing plan, feel free to contact Turchette at 973-227-8080 for a free consultation.




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Many clients express high interest in conducting a webinar, but are somewhat intimidated by the process. They share concerns that they may not have the expertise or technical knowhow — and some worry about potentially prohibitive costs.

The good news is that webinars can be both resoundingly informative and, considering cost-benefit ratio, relatively inexpensive. In fact, the Turchette team can offer you webinar assistance as a turnkey solution, simplifying the process for you by negotiating all necessary details as part of a comprehensive media buy.

When included as part of your digital marketing plan, and executed with the right professional assistance, webinars rank among the most effective lead-generating strategies.


Because when your webinar is part of a broad digital marketing plan, you can get:

  • a moderator for your event
  • leading subscriber databases that ensure quality registrations, and provide you with full contact and demographic information of attendees
  • multiple, dedicated promotional e-blasts leading up to the event
  • ads on branded websites
  • e-newsletters and social media announcements
  • new marketing automation integration
  • the chance to build upon your specific content by offering continuing education units (CEUs) to attendees, which tends to draw more people and keep them engaged longer
  • polling, Q&A’s and exit surveys to gather attendee feedback
  • archiving of your webinar for one year on-demand access for continued exposure and lead generation

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Networking is one of the most effective marketing and prospecting tools you can use to grow your business.  Are you doing all you can to create and nurture your personal and professional relationships? 

Here are a few tips to help cultivate new business:

  1. Prepare an elevator pitch.  People often ask in casual conversation, “So, what do you do?”  Be ready and able to concisely articulate what makes you – or your organization, product, service or idea – unique.  A brief, but interesting “elevator pitch” may spark further discussion. You never know when a casual acquaintance may need the product your service your company offers.
  2. Periodically touch base.  Put 30 minutes per week on your Outlook calendar to connect with people in your LinkedIn network.  Drop them a quick note to say hello, find out what they are up to and see if there is anything you can do to help.  Many people establish 500+ connections, but never reach out to any of them.
  3. Hold volunteer positions. This is a great way to stay visible and give back to organizations that have helped you.  List the causes you care about and your volunteer work on LinkedIn.  You may have common interests with a prospective client.
  4. Quickly follow up on referrals or leads.  If you get a sales lead, pursue it right away and obviously mention who recommended you reach out.  Your actions are a reflection on them.  If you wait a week or two to connect, it may be too late. Referrals from satisfied customers are usually the easiest way to get your foot in the door, if you act quickly. Some special advertising programs also generate sales leads, but all too often, no one follows up on them. Read More

Public Relations: Cutting Through the Clutter

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To gain traction with increasingly busy journalists, building solid  professional relationships is more important than ever. 

By Chris Dale

Among our many marketing roles at Turchette is maximizing our clients’ investment at a wide range of industry trade shows. For me, as Turchette’s Public Relations Director, this means organizing and often personally escorting interviews at our clients’ booths with editors of relevant consumer and b2b publications.

Recently I found myself at one such trade show, escorting an editor at a noteworthy pharmaceutical trade publication to a few interviews I’d set up with exhibiting Turchette clients. Upon noticing polite conversation had given way to that familiar “smartphone stare,” I asked an innocent yet revealing question:

“How many emails do you usually get every day?”

“Probably about 500,” she replied, in a manner that suggested she’d given that answer many times before.

It’s not exactly headline news that journalists are inundated. In addition to the e-newsletters, meeting requests, Google Alerts and inter-office correspondence with which anyone in an office setting is intimately familiar, editors like my smartphone-saddled friend get a nonstop barrage of press releases, pitch letters, interview requests, case studies and thought leadership inquiries.

But still… wow. Five hundred. That’s fifty emails per hour in a ten-hour workday.  I thought my inbox was bombarded, and I don’t receive half that.

“It’s amazing I can ever get through to you,” I replied. Read More

Digital Remarketing: Awesome Cookies

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Remarketing should be an important part of any brands’ digital marketing strategies. People who have already visited your website, obviously have an interest in your product or service. These prospects are often called “low-hanging fruit” – meaning ripe and easy to reach. When someone visits your site, their initial experience with your brand may not be enough for him or her to make a decision and take action. That’s where remarketing comes in.

In a nutshell, remarketing puts a Google AdWords or Analytics code (tag) on a webpage that places a digital “cookie” on a visitor’s browser. That cookie is then used to allow a digital marketer to target that user through paid search and display ads as they surf the Web. Remarketing lists are created based on the way that pages and actions on a Web page are tagged.  The more tagged pages and actions, the more information can be learned about a customer. If a specific product page is tagged and the buy-flow is tagged, then it becomes apparent which product (or product category) the user was interested in. This type of visitor can now be targeted differently than someone who just visited the homepage and bounced.  You can create and serve ads that cater to their specific interests or needs. With remarketing, your audience can also be targeted by demographics, behavior and interest categories.


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Turchette’s First Annual Summer Palooza!

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To kick off the start of summer, Turchette celebrated Summer Palooza!  Dana Rovito and Rich Koziol conceived the idea, but Mike and Debbie Gavin took it to the next level.  Margaritas and daiquiris, guacamole and tortilla chips, sandwiches and salads, a birthday cake for Sue Lipesky… plus Jimmy Buffet music and a single-elimination cornhole tournament!  Pictured below (with the tourney brackets and pineapple prize) are Cornhole Champions Fred Ghilino and Danette Green.  The event was held on the lawn of the advertising agency in Fairfield, New Jersey.

IMG_1906  IMG_3975  IMG_1834  IMG_1871   IMG_1836  Resized_20160622_133315  IMG_1894  IMG_1916  IMG_1870  IMG_1844


Turchette Secures Product Placement for Fujitsu on NBC’s George To The Rescue

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Turchette’s consumer PR team recently secured a product placement for Fujitsu General’s ductless mini-split cooling and heating system on NBC’s George to the Rescue.  To complement their radio buy for this client, Turchette’s also lineup up several executive radio interviews on Home Talk USA, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford and The Handyman with Glenn Haege.

George to the Rescue

2015: The Year of “Mobile”

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Have you checked your Google Analytics lately? Do you know how many website visitors are coming from mobile devices and tablets? Just click on Audience, Mobile and Overview to access a breakdown of your total site traffic.  The Overview contains three sub-tabs that are accessible from the links under the Explorer tab: Summary, Site Usage and Ecommerce.  The data in this section can help answer questions such as:

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